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    All around the world, people drink tea. But tea does not mean the same thing to everyone.
    In different countries people have very different ideas about drinking tea. In China, for example, tea is always served when people get together. The Chinese drink it at any time of the day at home or in teahouse. They prefer their tea plain with nothing else in it.
    Tea is very important in Japan. The Japanese have a special way of serving tea call a tea ceremony. It is very old and full of meaning. Everything must be done in a special way in the ceremony. There is even a special room for it in Japanese homes.
    Another tea-drinking country is England, the late afternoon is called “ tea time ”. Almost everyone has a cup of tea then. The English usually make tea in a teapot and drink it with cream and sugar. They also eat cakes, cookies and little sandwiches at teatime.
    In the United States people drink tea mostly for breakfast or after meals. Americans usually use tea bags to make their tea. Tea bags are faster and easier than making tea in teapots. In summer, many Americans drink “ iced tea ”. Sometimes they drink “ iced tea ” from cans, like soda.
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