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China's Role in Tea Changing

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China is the home for more than 200 kinds of specialty teas, however, only few famous brand names in the global tea industry originates from China.
The reasons can be various, and Mr. Wang Tong, the CEO of the China Tea Expo , expressed that there are mainly three fields where the Chinese brand names are working on to achieve the breakthrough: Firstly, the Chinese tea companies should improve the quality of Chinese teas to break the green barriers established by the new trade protectionism.
Secondly, the package design and marketing mode of Chinese tea companies are improving.
In Chinese market, tea is not only a drink, but also a gift for friends. Tea packing design is always the focus for Chinese tea companies. However, the overseas market the RTD drinks are more popular than package products, and different countries have different drinking habit. Therefore, the Chinese tea companies require more communication with the outside, and change our marketing mode according to the local drinking habit. China Tea Expo would like to be the platform for the tea commercial and cultural communication.

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