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Tieguanyin Tea in Fujian

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   Among all oolongs, Tieguanyin is by far the most famous. A recent gold medal winner at a Tieguanyin oolong competition in Fujian sold for RMB 120,000/100 grams -- that's an astonishing $43,000.00 per pound! 


   Tieguanyin is a semi-oxidized oolong. Its ideal oxidation level is approximately 30 to 40 percent. The basic steps to making Tieguanyin are relatively simple and straightforward: sha-ching (drying), tsu-rou (initial rolling/kneading), tsu-pei (initial firing), tsai-rou (repeat rolling/kneading), tsai-pei (repeat firing), and ding-shing (shaping). But it' in the individual steps and especially during the five to eight repeated kneadings and firings that the farmer exercises their traditional skill. They must carefully monitor leaf temperature, humidity, and leaf shape.

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