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How to identify the quality of

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When you
buy in the market of glass tea will find the same glass products, prices are a
lot of difference?Today we have the following a few simple points to teach you
how to identify the quality of the glass:

1. Check
to see if material purity.Material is not pure, glass set will have on the
lines, bubble or sand."Wen", refers to the vitreous body surface
streaks.Rough hands can feel, the appearance of fine lines for the light to
see."Bubble", refers to the vitreous body formed by air parcel, small
hole, according to the reasons can be divided into material and operating dip
two kinds.Bubble in the glass deep place in the body, from the outside looks
like a small circle.Operating bubble is exposed, and some such as fish-eye
projection with a stamp would have pierced;Some like the small scar on the
fruit, it is easy to layer upon layer peeling off."Sand", refers to
the embedded in the glass melted white granular silica sand, also refers to
other granular impurities.When the sand is embedded at the bottom of the thick
or when drawing under the mask of tinted, is difficult to find.Due to sand and
glass composition is different, different expansion coefficient, so a slight
collision with vitreous release, causing cracking glass;Sometimes although
there is no collision, but because of temperature change, sand will also with
vitreous off, cause the glass.

2. The
thickness should be consistent.When choosing, will drink with light
observation, if light everywhere are consistent, one integrated mass, thickness
shows consistent;If the difference is too big, light and shade throughout the
thickness is not consistent.Different USES of kitchenware is different to the
requirement of thickness: tea should be thin, and wine, cold drink can be a bit
thick.General set should be at the bottom of the slightly thicker, but is too
thick heat slowly, easy to crack when it is heated, the walls should be a
little thinner than the bottom, but strength is too low, too thin is not strong
enough.When choosing, look from the side and bottom should be horizontally, and
can't be tilted or GuoDeZhuang, finger tapping walls, should be issued a
pleasing of voice.

3. The
beautiful appearance wants.Modelling is not standard phenomenon generally have
four categories: 1) the surface is not smooth, mechanism of LengMo stain, blown
have packed material and the blow hole pattern and so on.2) will be set to
light observation, can be seen as the cutter, and the whole container
distinguishing mark printing, the refraction of light.3) the geometry is not
straight, the circle is not round, the flat, the straight is not straight.4)
the lid of the pot cover on the pot of neck is too loose or too tight, or too
not fall on the pot of the shoulder, and the same set of drinking utensils,
POTS, cups, plates, such as shape not harmonious, art style is
inconsistent.Glass products shape is not standard, not only affect the
appearance, and easy to damage.

use of glassware, tea utensils or for daily use, choose qualified glass
products, or lead-free crystal vessel, had better choose high borosilicate
heat-resistant glass products: health, safety and health.Ming friends 76 brand
tea adopt imported high borosilicate glass, manual blowing, product by the
heavy inspection, all products with security certification, warranty card and
certificate, please customers rest assured the choose and buy.

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